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Chiropractic Center of Irvine

Chiropractic Center of Irvine

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Rick Letts

Chiropractic Center of Irvine
4902 Irvine Center Dr.

Irvine, CA,
United States



Located in the heart of Irvine, the leading health professionals at The Chiropractic Center of Irvine are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives — combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. Dr. Rick Letts is committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.

Patients seeking treatment at The Chiropractic Center of Irvine with Dr. Rick Letts are assured of receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology. Dr. Rick Letts and the staff have a genuine concern for your well-being!



  • Dr. Rick Letts



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Integrity and Passion

Jun 03, 2012 by Sacha Robbins

I started treatment with Dr. Letts a month ago. I’ve been having a lot of skeletal problems for the last 6 to 7 years. Finally, I have a chance to mediate these issues. Dr. Letts is very kind, passionate at his job, and from what I can tell, full of integrity. I trust his opinions and together we work to correct my neck and back so that I may live a fuller life.

Thank you!

Mar 20, 2012 by Susan DeCarlo

I highly recommend Dr. Letts and Dr. Bryenton for pain treatment, therapy and management. I met Dr. Letts 20 years ago when our son’s started playing hockey together. He was our helpful “Doc” on the team, but, I never realized how helpful he would be to me.
I had a serious car accident four years ago,
I injured my lower back and neck. I saw three different chiropractors and all they did was over charge me, give me pills for pain management, therapy and exercise which did not work for me. I thought of Dr. Letts and called him to see if he could help me. My husband and I went in for a consultation. I was feeling awful, depressed, in pain and discomfort. I hardly wanted to go out. My husband told Dr. Letts, ” I want my wife back.”
I discovered not only was massage and therapy cheaper but it was gentle and effective. I was told to start exercising more and lose some weight, we also discussed eating better and cutting back medication. Dr. Letts assured me I wouldn’t need surgery. This past year I have been buying a reasonable Massage Package with free therapy, adjustments and treatment. Also both Doctors are there to listen and understand my issues. I did have a few set backs during the year. I suffered with IBS and Diverticulitis. I lost about 30 pounds, not a great way to lose weight, but, now I am eating a balanced diet, exercising daily, maintaining a good weight, and I am off pain medications. What a difference! I now feel better and stronger than I ever did before which means less therapy. My back and neck feel amazing. The excersizes make sense and now thanks to Doc Letts and his diagrams, I now understand how to strenghthen my core.
I get out of the house for activities and best or all my husband has his happy wife back.
Dr Letts, Dr. Bryenton and their entire staff have been wonderful and without everyone’s team effort, including myself, I wouldn’t be feeling as fantastic as I do today.

I highly recommend

Oct 21, 2011 by James DeBeau

I highly recommend Dr. Letts and Dr. Bryenton as I have enjoyed great success at their office at The Chiropractic Center of Irvine. I came in with a severe shoulder muscle strain, including symptoms of a pinched nerve, and, within weeks, I was well on my way to a full recovery. The staff is very friendly, extremely attentive, exceedingly conscientious, and thoroughly helpful. The adjustments and the massage therapy have been exceptionally beneficial and very therapeutic. I highly recommend Dr. Letts and his practice.

I cannot recommend Dr. Letts Enough

Aug 12, 2011 by Ashley Rodriguez

I cannot recommend Dr. Letts & Dr. Bryenton enough. They have changed my life!! I used to have daily headaches and debilitating migraines 4-6x/week. I would take pain medication everyday and was on 2 prescription medications to try to prevent the attacks. After 3 weeks of regular adjustments and massages with Emily my headaches and migraines are GONE and no longer take any medications. The office staff is wonderful, they are so efficient and everyone is easy to talk to. I love Chiropractic Center of Irvine!

I have been a Chiropractic patient

Jun 13, 2011 by Carol C.

I have been a Chiropractic patient for over 40 years now. When I moved to Orange County 17 years ago I found Dr. Letts and the Chiropractic Center of Irvine. It is a well run office with a friendly and efficient staff. Over the years I have had my share of injuries that could have slowed me down in my later years but thanks to Dr. Letts, Dr. Bryenton and to great Chiropractic care I am enjoying my senior years. At the age of 72 I am in excellent physical health and am pain free.

, USA 5.0 5.0 6 6 I started treatment with Dr. Letts a month ago. I’ve been having a lot of skeletal problems for the last 6 to 7 years. Finally, I have a chance to mediate these issues. Dr. Letts i